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At Gorilla Gutter Cleaning, we’ve seen every weather challenge Minnesota’s seasons can throw at the gutters of Twin Cities homes. Our gutters go into overdrive throughout the year to protect our homes from heavy rain, debris build-up and ice and snow. To get maximum performance from their rain gutters, Twin Cities homeowners should take extra care to keep their gutters clean, strong and looking their best. Cleaning your home’s gutters at least twice a year by the experts at Gorilla Gutter Cleaning is the best way to make sure your gutters provide optimal service and long life.

We are fully insured and licensed in MN!

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Our 5-Step Gutter Cleaning Process

Roof Cleaning

We clear the roof of leaves, pine cones, sticks and other debris.

Debris Removal

We remove the heavy debris from gutters, by hand.

Gutter Flush

We flush the gutters with water to remove any remaining debris.

Downspout Check

We test downspouts to ensure that they are clear and check for material imperfections.

Site Cleanup

We dispose of remaining debris on your property, leaving the surrounding area spotless!

Satellite TV Dish Removal

Gorilla Gutter Cleaning also offers satellite TV dish removal. We remove most standard dishes, including dishes provided by DirectTV, Dish Network, WildBlue, Hughesnet, and more. We remove wires and brackets as far as the exterior of the house. Roof-mounted brackets are left in place to avoid roof leakage. if your HOA requires that the bracket be removed, we can patch the roof for an extra fee, but do not warranty that work.

Add extra protection with gutter guards

Gutters guards add an extra layer of protection for your MN home.  It’s about keeping out leaves and debris that can impede the flow of  water. So when you’re choosing gutter covers, you’re not just choosing color and material. You’re also choosing how well the gutter guards are engineered to protect your investment. Gorilla Gutter Cleaning MN provides a variety of gutter cover styles and colors to choose from.

Protect Your Home With Regular Gutter Cleaning

Regular gutter maintenance by Gorilla Gutter Cleaning can help prevent such problems as cracked foundations, mold in the attic and crawl spaces, damaged walls, landscape erosion, black gutter stripe stains, ice damage to gutters, and insect infestation since most bugs thrive on any moisture and humidity around your foundation.

join us in protecting gorillas around the world

We donate 5% of our proceeds to St. Paul’s Como Zoo to support their Gorilla conservation work.

Brian J.

Brian J.


As a full-time firefighter, I started Gorilla Gutter Cleaning after going on several ladder fall accidents.  I have extensive training with ladder and building construction.  I provide exceptional customer service and guarantee my work.